Visiting The Critters On Our Group Ride – BionicOldGuy

We headed Southeast towards the foothills of the Diablo Range East of Gilroy on our group ride yesterday. It was mostly flat except for some decent climbing when we got into the foothills. The main destination was the little ranch where Alladin the camel lives, but we also took a little side trip to check out the pigs and goats at a small farm. It was a nice ride, a little challenging for me because I didn’t take my e-bike and I forgot about how significant the climbing would be. Also, on the way back we had a stiff headwind for several miles. That worked out OK because I was fairly well matched in pace with another rider, Judy, so we took turns being at the front in the wind, a mini-paceline. I love doing that, it makes it a team effort.

Stopping at a little farm East of Gilroy
Two pigs (Petunia and Harold) asleep in their shed
Some goats next door
Aladdin The Camel Lives at an estate further East in the foothills

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