Top 5 Working from Home Office Ideas

Working from home office ideasWell, it looks like 2021 is going to continue to be the year of home working and home schooling – at least until spring (we hope). On a plus note, this means we have the perfect excuse to design and create a fabulous space to work in. Afterall, it will be a worthwhile investment. Therefore, we thought that this guide, with our top 5 working from home office ideas, will give you the confidence to creating a working zone that is not only practical, but stylish and affordable too.

1. In the zone or zoning out – the choice is yours

If your home is anything like our house, spare working space is an absolute premium. But maybe you have a little spot under the stairs, or even the under-stair cupboard is ripe for conversion? You may even have a specific spare room for a home office that you can recreate into a functional workspace? The first step is to decide on your space. Then the question is: how do you separate work and play? It is important you have an area whereby you can focus, that is away from the TV, bed, or sofa.  To help, why not invest in a room divider? Take a look at this fabulous woven 6 panel black room divider screen; or this Japandi style room divider. Both make good options for separating your work zone, particularly in a large open plan living room. Simply pop up the divider when working and fold away when done. A quick and easy working from home office idea.

2. Get rid of the clutter

Set of 2 Green Wire Storage BasketsThey say that a tidy space makes for a tidy mind. There is nothing better than sitting in a clean and zen- like space. So, why not do a big dining table sweep in the morning before work and pop those plastic toys in a big barrel basket underneath? Maybe utilise some ‘work’ storage baskets containing your office bits and pieces? These little baskets from Sass and Belle could be ideal for storing the stapler, paper clips and pens.

3. Curate your Zoom backdrop

photo framesHands up, who has enjoyed peeking into a celebrity’s or politician’s living room, or analysing their bookshelf? The zoom backdrop has certainly become a ‘thing’ this year. So perhaps you might want to consider your own background and back wall.  This is the key area that can either stand out or look very drab. Think about whether the wall describes you, and/or your profession. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you may want to present creativity in the form of beautiful and interesting wall art. If you are a lawyer, you may want a bookshelf full of leather-bound classics.

4. Take a seat

Desks and ChairsIn a busy home, already full of papers, the family, toys and general day-to-day living, space just will not allow for an ergonomic wheelie office chair. So instead, why not plump for the versatility of a padded folding chair? Ideal for all occasions, this chair is lightweight, durable, and stylish. Easy to carry from table to corner, plus you can easily fold away to save space.

5. Get the ‘working from home’ look

At Juul at Home, we believe our surroundings should be unique, personal and inspire. Therefore, now that your home may also be your office, even more reason to ensure a relaxing yet motivating vibe. It is the little touches that can bring a great difference to your space.  It could be anything as simple as a plain pop of colour, beautifully framed photographs, unusual wallpaper or a shelf of weird and wonderful objects. Try new pieces to inspire, such as vases, a glass plant mister, or quirky wall ornaments, such as these fabulous gold fishes.

At the shop, our aim is to curate lots of glorious ideas to help you create a space that you will love to work in, even if it is in your home.


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