Top 5 Gift Ideas for Wild Swimmers

With Juul at Home based by the sea in Ilfracombe, North Devon, it goes without saying that the shop’s curated collection is inspired by its coastal location. Not only that, with Founder Sara regularly wild swimming in the vibrant cold waves at nearby Rapparee Cove, Juul at Home’s shelves offer wonderful gift ideas for wild swimmers, surfers and beach lovers alike. Looking for gifts for cold water plungers; icy dippers, or storm gatherers? Here’s Sara’s Top 5 Gift Ideas for Wild Swimmers.

Putting that first toe into the North Devon water is nothing but exhilarating. With beating heart, prickling skin sensation, and that ultimate feeling of being one with nature, wild swimming definitely gives you the thrill of the chill and once you try it, you won’t ever want to stop. Increasingly popular, with wild swimming groups setting up all over the UK at hillside rivers, brisk bays and bouncy lagoons, many are becoming addicted to the heightened sensations, mojo injections and developing friendships that derive from cold water swimming. Rather than celebrating a birthday in a bar, or cinema, the cake is delivered after a dip, with hot coffee in flasks and a cuddled photograph adorned in bobble hats and dry robes. Christmas features a run into the icy waves; the new moon is welcomed whilst bathing in the high tide, and wedding anniversary’s see couples kissing gloved in neoprene. Are you a wild swimmer? Maybe you belong to a cold water swimming group, or your friend or partner love an icy dip or two? Are you looking for the perfect gift to accompany their wild swimming passion?

Flow into the Swim Zone with our Hammam Towels

Many customers ask us: “What is a Hammam Towel?” In a nutshell, a Hammam Towel is a flat-woven cotton towel which much lighter in weight, super absorbent and quicker to dry than your traditional towelling towel. Plus it can be used as a sarong, a beach mat, or even a table cloth. Multi-purpose and easy to fit into a small bag, we love these towels for taking on a cold-water swim. They roll up very compact and if you’re swimming with a dry bag float, you can take this towel with you to those remote coves. In warmer weather, they’re great for wearing whilst drying off, or for sitting whilst you have a hot drink.  We have a broad selection of Hammam Towels in the shop, in a fabulous rainbow of colours, plus, at £10.95 they make a great gift for just over £10.

Ice meets hot fluidity – fun Flasks with a purpose

Whilst many people like to start out swimming in a wetsuit, you really don’t need anything more than a bathing costume. However, afterwards, there is nothing better than a hot drink to warm you up slowly from the inside out. A great gift for yourself or your chilled buddies, is a flask. After all, swimming is just a part of this very own personal therapy. You have the mental challenge to overcome, and then you have the reward – a cup of tea, or coffee with something stronger. At Juul we have Shark Flasks for one, Leopard Food Flasks, Mackerel Flasks or beautiful Wildflower Flasks, to choose from.

That oceanic feeling – Spicata Bath Salts

For me, wild swimming is a complete escape, and a reboot for mind and body. While I’d swim every day if I could, life and responsibilities can and do get in the way. So, when I’m at home, I try to get my ‘sea’ therapy in different ways. One super idea is to have a cool bath. And for some extra vitamin sea, I like to add the wonderful seaweed fresh Dolly Lemon Spicata Bath Salts. This wonderful cocktail blends Himalayan Salts with invigorating and cooling Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oils, muddled with a calming dash of Lavender Oil to soak tired muscles and get back in the game. They make a refreshing gift for friends, mum or relatives and they’re just under £10 too.

Hot headed dippers – bobble hats and headbands

Wild swimming is all about pushing your own boundaries and getting over that argument that tends to roll around in your head. Talking of which, what should you wear on your head when you are swimming in the cold sea, lake or river? Some people like to adorn the traditional swimming hat. I’m not one for putting my head in the water when I swim, so I like to wear something nice and warm, just to take the edge of that gentle sea breeze that tends to prevail on a brisk January morning. My favourite is the traditional Bobble Hat and I love the double knitted ones by our friend, Wandering Free UK. They also do some knitted Headbands in an array of colours, each with a cute Wandering Free tag. Plus, as they’re acrylic rather than wool, if the hat does get wet, it dries beautifully without losing its shape.

The colours of the sea – coastal inspired planters

Last, but by no means least, our final number 5 in our list of gift ideas for wild swimmers, is the stunning range of coastal inspired planters – just perfect for beach and seaside themed homes and rooms. Decorated in Indigo blues, this plant pots bring the colours of the sea into your environment and look fabulous in bathrooms and shower rooms. A great gift for a sea lover, these coastal inspired pots complement seaside plants, with robust green foliage decorating the blues and creams. We particularly love these planters partnered with miniature Palms such as Rhapis or Kentia.  With their green fronds, they are ideal for filling corners in a brightly lit room.

We hope you continue to enjoy your cold wild swimming adventures, and if you are ever in the North Devon area, please do call in and say hello. You may find us at Rapparee Cove in Ilfracombe, on a Sunday morning, playing in the waves. Swimming is all about the friendship and the supported network it nurtures. A dip with others really does have a bonding effect and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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