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Skeleton Puns are sure to tickle your funny bones and cause your spare ribs to ache. If you’re in the mood for a few laughs, you’ll love these skeleton jokes. Bone-afide funniness ahead! You might even have a few bones to pick with me over which ones are the best!

Here at Skip to My Lou, the skeleton key to telling Halloween jokes is saying them with a straight face. Don’t be a lazy bones and practice telling jokes so you won’t suck! (Vampire pun!) here are some more for you to check out; Nut Jokes Guaranteed to Crack You Up and Pet Puns.

Skeleton Puns

  1. Skeletons don’t lie. They always speak the truth because they always want tibia honest!
  2. The famous skeleton, Sherlock Bones, caught the criminal just from a trivial hunch. He claimed he could just feel it in his bones.
  3. The skeleton got a job in the jazz band. He has been recruited as the trom-bone player.
  4. The skeleton loved traveling and went on trips that included adventure sports like paragliding and cliff diving. He was just bone to be wild.
  5. A skeleton went to the hospital to donate his body for medical sciences. So the doctor asked him to spine on the dotted line!
  6. Ain’t nobody gonna Rib us apart.
  7. There was a skeleton who always lied to his friends. So his friends named him ‘phoney-ba-boney’!
  8. Upon producing very good results at work, his manager gave the efficient skeleton a bone-us.
  9.  I saw a skeleton starting a fight. So I asked the reason why to which he replied that he had a bone to pick!
  10. Why were the workers unable to complete the job on time? Because they had a skeleton crew!
  11. There was a skeleton who always failed all his examinations in school because he was a numskull!
  12. A scared skeleton always finds it hard to look at other skeletons because he doesn’t have the stomach to see them!
  13. There was a skeleton who was a botanist. His favorite kind of tree was a bone-sai tree.
  14. Legless skeletons are asked to avoid arguments because they apparently don’t have a leg to stand on.
  15. I saw a skeleton who was a famous stand-up comic. All his jokes were extremely humerus!
  16. Once, two skeletons were having an animated conversation. When one started stretching the truth of the story, the other said, “Is that a little fib-ula?”
  17. The skeleton found it extremely hard to get out of bed as he was bone-tired!
  18. The skeleton was sick, so he went up to his doctor and said, “I think I am a little sick, I have a femur”!
  19. Skeletons have a funny way of celebrating their favorite holidays. They just eat, drink and be very scary!
  20. Whenever skeletons need to repair their cars, they take them to the body shop.
  21. What’s a skeleton’s favorite instrument? A tromBone.
  22. What does the skeleton chef say when he serves you a meal? “Bone Appetit!

Bone Puns, Skeletons and More

One day the skeleton was modeling some clay, later that day he called his friends over to see his skull-pture.

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance? Because he had nobody to dance with.

Why are the skeletons so calm? Because nothing gets under their skin.

What is George Thorogood’s favorite Halloween song? Bad to the Bone.

Name a skeleton’s favorite plant? The bone-zai tree, of course.

Which kind of plate do french skeletons dine on? Bone china, naturally.

What is a zombie’s doorbell called? A dead ringer.

Where does the little skeleton keep his pet skullture? In a rib cage, silly!

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Let’s look at rounding out your event with goodies galore. These are so good, even the skeleton will cross the road to get some!

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