Machine Embroidered Bottle Bag from a Tea Towel

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I had you at Tea Towel and Bottle Bag, right? Christmas embroidery projects don’t get any better than my Machine Embroidered Bottle Bag from a Tea Towel! You will be making spirits bright in no time!

Don’t forget to make one for yourself, too! I’m sure you’ve been very good this year!

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Christmas wine bags are such a thoughtful gift to give the host or hostess at holiday parties. (I have actually used wine gift bags to wrap gifts like stainless steel tumblers!) So, look for some festive kitchen towels, download my hoop machine embroidery design and have fun!

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DIY Tea Towel Bottle Bag Supplies

How to Make

My towels were washed and dried for another project. Since the finished bottle bag will probably never be washed this is not necessary. However, if you don’t the sizing will be slightly different than mine.

METHOD 1 (back Seam in the bag)

  1. Cut towel in half
  2. Download the file and upload it to your embroidery machine.
  3. Hoop the towel with a tear-away stabilizer.
  4. Stitch.we wish you a merry christmas machine embroidered on half the towel
    So cute!we wish you a merry Christmas machine embroidery file
  5. I had to cut off the bottom finished edge of the towel to remove the bulk (not shown). Fold the towel in half and sew along the side and bottom.fold tea towel in half and sew
  6. Pinch the bottom corners and sew along the corner to box the corners of tea towel
  7. Clip corners and turn inside out.

METHOD 2 (Seam on side of the bag)

  1. Bring each side to the center (DO NOT CUT). Make placement of the design. When marking take into account the side seam to find the middle of each half.
  2. Stitch.
  3. Cut apart and continue with step 5.

Press. Add your favorite bottled beverage and you had a darling gift.

Before you Sew

Thank you for taking a peek at my sweet tea towel bottle bag project today! Before you start sewing, here are more projects you will love! Please leave me a comment below letting me know how yours turned out!

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