Knit a Super Cozy Triangular Shawl – Knitting

There’s so much to love about the Lilitha shawl pattern from Bigger than Life Knits. It’s a little asymmetrical triangle, which is probably the easiest kind of triangle to wear. There’s not a lot of excess fabric and you can almost wear it like a scarf to keep you warm.

And this one definitely will keep you warm. It’s worked with a superfine yarn combined with mohair, making a weight like a DK weight. The mohair gives it a fuzzy texture that’s nice and warm, though of course you can also just knit with a DK weight yarn of your choice if you’d rather.

The majority of the shawl is stockinette stitch, but the long lower edge of the triangle has a lace edging that almost looks like hearts stacked on each other.

You can get the pattern from Noma Ndlovu aka Bigger than Life Hand Knits, on Ravelry.

Speaking of how to wear shawls, though, I was looking back at some old posts about triangular shawls and I found one with a dead link that was about how to style triangular scarves.

While this is more of an issue when you have a really large triangle (or a large shawl of any shape, really) it’s good to think about the different ways you could wear a shawl in case you normally always wear your shawls the same way.

I found this post from Berroco about different ways to wear shawls, which includes both watercolor illustrations and photos of different shawls shown worn in different ways.

You can also use the pattern itself to see different ways to wear that particular shawl. For instance the Lilitha pattern shows it worn like a bandana, with the tail to the front or the back, and almost like a poncho. There are so many different options!

[Photo: Noma Ndlovu.]

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