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Halloween Handprint Crafts allow you to create the most precious keepsakes and decorations made with children’s hands (and feet!) Join me as we discover these adorable Halloween crafts and handprint art projects!

Halloween handprint craft featuring a green handprint with orange hair, a black hat, riding on a black broom with black stars and a black moon in the sky.
Halloween Handprints
Aw, what an adorable witch on her broomstick!

Here at Skip to My Lou, I love a holiday and a reason to involve my children in making art. I’m so glad you stopped by today and am excited to share the following Halloween crafting ideas with you!

Let’s Get Messy and Make Memories with Halloween Handprint Art

This Halloween card! What a fun idea! With some black paint, green paint, markers, googly eyes, and a foam brush, this cutie will come to life!

Pro tip: having wet wipes ready to wipe hands and stray paint helps with clean-up!

adorable Halloween handprint Crafts Using Paint and Sharpies

If you don’t have the googly eyes like the Frankenstein craft above no worries! Look how cute they are drawn with a black Sharpie marker. Kimberly at Learn Create Love has created this adorable craft for kids of all ages, Check it out.

Kim at has these spooky and sweet designs ready to go! You will need orange, purple, green, yellow, tan, black and white paint for these Halloween day crafts. (The candy corn footprint is so cute!)

Adorable Witch Handprint Picture

For this Halloween handprint craft, you will need a few more supplies, but look how cute it is! Follow the link below the picture for all the instructions!

This super cool handprint owl could be the start of an amazing Halloween picture.

This witch broom handprint craft is the perfect activity to go along with the witty book Room on the Broom. It is a sweet story of adventure, friendship, and inclusivity from the creators of The Gruffalo!

This one is so cute it is scary! lol

These bags would make awesome party favors and kids would have so much fun creating them for their friends and family.

orange sacks with green handprint for favor bags
Handprint Pumpkin Bags

Really get the imagination going with these puppets!

While this crafty blogger has a handprint for every letter in the alphabet, we can’t help but be totally amazed by V is for Vampire!

Decorating pumpkins is always a fun activity for kids! A darling ghost adorns this pumpkin. Wouldn’t it be a nice welcome for guests on your front porch?

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Now, this idea is for sure on the creepy side but might really come in handy if decorating for a Halloween party or better yet trying to get your teens involved in crafting.

Print these Spiders with Your Thumbs!

What fun can be had printing lots of little spiders and drawing legs and webs! Use an ink pad if you don’t have paint! Turn them into cute spider cards to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.

How could we not include these darling ghosts?

and scarecrow.

And of course, could it be Halloween without a little Candy Corn?

All Hands-On Deck!

I’m not sure what I like more, thinking about Halloween treats or making handprint and footprint crafts, so here are some of each for your browsing pleasure! Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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