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Some people think that picking up presents for a birthday, anniversary, or another significant date is a headache. However, the happiness of a loved one is worth taking some time to find the perfect gift. Sometimes a solution can be pretty simple. It doesn’t matter whether your girlfriend has a short haircut or long curls to the waist; they will be happy with a modern and high-quality hairstyling device. For those who have difficulty choosing the right product, we have collected tips from Monica from MyStraightener blog in this article to help you decide.

1. Blow Dryers

The modern home appliance market is replete with hairdryers for any request. You can find compact, household, and professional models. When choosing a product, consider your partner’s hair type and the following parameters:

  • Power. Usually, this figure ranges from 1400 to 1600 watts. The best option would be a model with adjustable airflow.
  • Temperature. If the hairdryer has several temperature modes, it will allow drying quickly and safe for hair health. It is desirable that it also has a cooling function.
  • Ergonomics. The device should have a comfortable body and handle shape and weigh a little so as not to overload the user’s hand. Also, pay attention to the length of a cord so that your partner has no problem finding the right outlet.
  • Ionization. It is an additional but handy feature, especially for those with fuzzy and unruly hair. Negatively charged ions help eliminate static and make strands look smoother.
  • Removable nozzles and filters. If your girlfriend likes to change hairstyles, get a hairdryer that comes with different attachments. Their number may be different, but usually, the set includes a diffuser, narrow and wide nozzles.

2. Hot Air Brushes

Not everyone succeeds in styling their locks beautifully with a hairdryer. To make this easier, manufacturers have come up with hot airbrushes. With it, you can simply comb and style strands at the same time. As with hairdryers, there are some characteristics to watch out for:

  • Power. Since hot airbrushes’ main task is precisely to lay the hair and not dry it, they usually have low to medium power. Choose the device depending on the length and thickness of the curls. The power of such devices varies from 400 to 1300 watts.
  • Nozzles. In the case of these brushes, the nozzles are key. Their diameter should be selected depending on the length of the hair. They should be tightly fixed on the device, easily removed, and not clinging to the strands. It’s good if the attachments can rotate freely.
  • Several modes. The user should be able to adjust the airflow and select a temperature suitable for their hair. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of a cold shot button.
  • The convenience of use. The shape and weight of the instrument should not be inconvenient for your partner. And for a brush to last long, it should be made of durable materials and protected from overheating.

3. Flat Irons

A straightener or flat iron is a great device that copes with straightening even very unruly hair. It heats the strands, evaporating excess moisture from them and thereby straightening them. When choosing such a tool, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Plate material. It is the most important point since the final result and the curls’ health depend on it. It’s better to purchase the products with tourmaline, ceramic, or titanium plates. Other materials are considered too aggressive.
  • The width of the plates. This parameter is determined by the length and thickness of your partner’s hair. The longer and thicker the locks, the wider the working surface should be. It is also desirable that the plates have a floating mount to reduce damage to the strand.
  • Temperature. It is important to have multiple settings, but some brands produce fixed temperature models. In this case, for thin hair, it is best to take no more than 300°F tools; for normal hair, 350°F ones are suitable, and for very coarse hair, it is okay to use 400°F instruments.
  • Ergonomics and additional features. It is good if the selected device has the function of ionization or steam hair treatment. Pay attention to heat up time; it should be no more than a minute. The straightener should fit comfortably in your hand and have a rotating cord.

4. Curlers

Hair curlers or curling wands will help you get playful curls quickly. It is essential to choose a device that will not burn your partner’s hair. Consider the following criteria:

  • Shape. Depending on the shape of a work surface, your girlfriend will be able to get different types of curls. There are tapered, cylindrical, spiral, and double/triple curlers.
  • Material. For quality models, barrels should be made of ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline. There are also devices with a Teflon coating, but it will wear off over a short time. Try to avoid metal curlers. Although they are not expensive, they can ruin the hair.
  • Settings. As with other hair styling devices, the curling wand should have several options depending on the hair type and condition. They can range from 150°F to 450°F.
  • Barrel diameter. The overall style depends on this parameter. For short hair, it is better to choose the smallest barrel, from 0.4 to 0.8 inches; for medium lengths, wider barrels up to 1 inch will do. If your girlfriend likes beach waves, you can choose a 1.2-1.6 inches curling wand.
  • Overheat protection. Since curlers can reach almost extreme temperatures, it is important that they are equipped with overheating protection. The shape should allow the user to put the device safely on the table without fear of burning it.

Add Hair Care Products

A high-quality hair care product will become an excellent addition to any of the above devices. You can buy a shampoo or conditioner that suits your girlfriend’s hair type, reliable thermal protection, a balm for straightening curls, a regenerating mask, or UV protection. As you can see, there are many ways to please your loved ones. Choose durable devices and accessories from reliable manufacturers, and you will definitely not go wrong with a gift! This is a sponsored post.

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