Dragon Scale Duck Tape Zip Pouch

Make a textured dragon scale zip pouch using Duck Tape®.

Do you remember the Duck Tape Zip Pouch I made a few years ago that went absolutely viral? It’s such a fun project that I decided to revisit it today with a more complex and interesting version. These dragon scales have such an eye-catching pattern and the texture is just scrumptious. I can’t wait for you to try making one!

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Here are the materials you will need:

Materials Needed

  • Color Duck Tape®
  • Slide Top Plastic Bags
  • Rotary Mat, Ruler and Cutter (optional but definitely recommended) or Scissors

I have found that the easiest way to cut Duck Tape is with a rotary cutter and quilting mat. If you want precise shapes, this is definitely the way to do it. If you don’t have a cutting mat or rotary cutter, you can use scissors, it’ll just be a bit harder.


Step 1: Stick a strip of Duck Tape down to the cutting mat, lining up the edges with the grid on the mat. Cut a 2 inch piece of Duck Tape.

Step 2: Duck Tape is just under 2 inches wide, so you’ll notice that the piece you cut isn’t a perfect square. Fold down the top two corners along one of the longer sides so they form a triangle shape with an exposed sticky strip along the bottom. The piece you just made looks kind of like a house.

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until you have seven house-shaped pieces. Place a house-shaped piece sticky-side down on the cutting mat, then layer another piece on top of it, offsetting it by 1 inch. See the photo below. Do this with all seven pieces to form a strip.

Step 4: To make the staggered dragon scale pattern, some strips will need 7 pieces and others will need 8 and you alternate every-other-row. The rows with 8 pieces will be too long to fit on the bag, so you’ll need to trim 1/2 inch off each end.

Step 5: Peel a 7-strip off of the cutting mat and stick it to the plastic zip bag. Make sure to line up the edges and keep everything straight. Then place an 8-strip on the bag next, alternating and working your way down until the whole bag is covered. I trimmed off the excess from along the bottom of the last strip to make it fit the bag.

Step 6: Cover the back of the bag with strips of colored or patterned Duck Tape.

And there you have it… a super cool and sturdy zipping storage pouch with a dragon-esque twist. It makes a perfect pencil pouch or makeup organizer. Check out this short video tutorial to see how cool the scales are in person.

Dragon Scale Duck Tape Zip Pouch Video Tutorial

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