Dolly Lemon: The New Goddess of Rejeuvenation

Introducing the new goddess of rejuvenation: Dolly LemonIntroducing the goddess of rejuvenation Dolly Lemon

Introducing new vegan beauty secrets from around the globe, with four fabulous collections inspired by ancient discoveries and time-honoured rituals, created here in Ilfracombe, North Devon. All natural, all vegan, all awesome. So, who is Dolly Lemon? Well-travelled, slightly eccentric and with a verve for life, she’s a new beauty brand that you’re going to love.

A Vegan skincare range with passion

Their stunning curated portfolio combines natural ingredients and fragrances to deliver a gentle effect on the senses and evoke adventure, peace and happy times. And with love from Dolly, the experience isn’t just skin deep – this is a company that believes in Vegan values and is founded on sustainable principles – from the ingredient sourcing to the packaging.

The keeper of the apples of mortality

The Dolly Lemon Idanea Ever Young is the principal anthology and a gorgeous range which certainlyDolly Lemon Radiant Rosebud Face Serum lives up to its name. Idanea is the Norse Goddess of rejuvenation and the keeper of the apples of mortality. With their glass apothecary style dropper bottles and jars and the finest blends renowned for their herbal properties, after use your skin will feel soothed, revitalised and nourished.

Glowing female empowerment

The Radient Rosebud Ever Young Face Serum is full of botanical abstracts and the ‘liquid gold’ derived from Moroccan Argan Trees. Here, women’s co-operatives can be found at the roadside harvesting nature’s best moisturiser. The kernels are purported to be sixteen times harder a nut to crack than the humble hazelnut, yet the people handle this with skill and dexterity, passed down from the ancient world and now providing much-needed female empowerment and income. With the Argan Oil, comes passion fruit, raspberry, vegan squalene and rose buds, all in a beautiful glass bottle. This serum glides then seeps immediately into your skin, leaving a glowing base for moisturiser. Age defying, this serum is suitable for all skin types.

Dolly Lemon Halycon Ever Young Luxe OilElixir of gold

Inspired by the original femme fatale, and great leader, Cleopatra, all that glitters really is gold with this Halycon Ever Young Luxe Oil. The Gods of the day in Ancient Egypt were believed to have skin of Gold and the Queen used a nightly gold facemask, using its restorative qualities to rejuvenate her complexion. She may not have made it as a God but her many beauty regimes make her a legend in Dolly’s eyes. Complete with floating fleks of 24 karat gold this luxe face oil is a zesty a zesty opulent elixir of Grapeseed, Rosehip and Argan oils with a sparkle of genuine gold that repairs and rejuvenates leaving your skin with a glistening glow.

Seeped with botanics

Dolly’s potent recipe of Argon Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil and Carrot Seed Oil, is the powerful blend behind the Dolly Lemon Resplendent Rose Everyday Facial Oil. Seeped with botanical rose petals, get a citrus and floral zap, for a skincare routine that will leave your face hydrated and invigorated.

Dolly Lemon Luscious Lazuli Face PolishPolished vibrant vitality

Possibly our favourite from the Dolly Lemon collection, is the Luscious Lazuli Ever Young Face Polish. A nourishing blend of Vegan Sqaulane, Blue Spirilana and Hylauronic Acid, combined with Ultrafine Oats and Butterfly Pea, provides a polish that leaves your skin with a vibrant vitality and youthful glow. Lazuli is a Latin term for bright blue like the stone lapis lazuli. Back in the day many cultures believed in the Doctrine of Signatures: if it looked like a body part it could treat a body part. Think walnut and the brain. The plant was often named after the body part they resembled too, such as eyewort; looks like an eye so used to treat eye problems. The beautiful butterfly pea flower with it’s gorgeous shades of purple has the latin genus Clitoria ternatea. Let’s just leave that one there!

Dolly Lemon Mirabilia Face BalmRejuvenating powers of the Mango

Mirabilia Ever Young Face Balm is a nourishing blend of Vegan Squalane, Blue Spirilana and Hylauronic Acid whipped up with Red Rasberry Seed Oil and Mango butter for a creamy, nutritious, moisture retaining balm that will leave your skin soft smoothed and ready for anything. Mirabilia means marvellous or a marvel, as is this product. It can be used morning and night and as part of the ever young range. In the Sanskrit literatures of ancient India the rejuvenating powers of the Mango come to the aid of a great King who fell in love with the captivating daughter of the Sun God. After she was struck down by a jealous sorceress, a magnificent tree grew from her ashes, bearing fruit as radiant as the lost princess. When the first ripe fruit fell, she was miraculously rejuvenated in its stead and they lived happily ever after in the shade of the Mango Tree, now a symbol of eternal love.

Tropical calm, serenity and ease

Looking for an all-over lift? Maluhia Ever Young Everyday Body Oil is soft, sweet and fragrant blend of Argan, Hemp and Jojoba oils, for an all over daily routine that will leave your skin, supple, soft and silky smooth. ‘Maluhia’ is Hawaian for calm, serenity and being at ease, much the way this body oil will leave you. Infused with Hibiscus, the national flower of Hawaii is renowned for its calming qualities. A wonderful, visual impactful blend, this all natural, vegan Body Oil makes a gorgeous gift for new mums, or anyone who loves to nourish their skin.  Simply use a few drops from the beautiful glass dropper bottle and massage.

Hair taming with wild abandon

So you’ve nourished your face and body, but what about your hair? The Dolly Lemon Blue Diadem Hair Repair Oil is a beautiful, purposeful vegan gift idea, particularly for those with hair that needs a little taming now and again. This little dropper bottle is packed full of revitalising nourishing ingredients to soothe and smooth your natural locks, including argon, hemp and avocado. To use, gently massage a small amount sparingly to hair and either shampoo or leave on for a deep nourishing treatment.

The perfect gift idea for gents, and a great gift idea for Father’s Day, this awesome, all natural and vegan Dolly Lemon Babylon Tame and Train Beard Oil is just the thing for shaping beards and moustaches. With natural moisturisers, avocado and hemp, and the zesty notes of bergamot.

Vegan, aluminium and paraben-free deodorant

When it comes to deodorant there is a lot of discussion in terms of what are the best options, however you can’t go wrong with Dolly Lemon’s range of all natural, vegan and aluminium and paraben-free deodorant. Plus it comes in a recyclable glass jar with metal lid – so no plastic. The Menthe Active Daily Deodorant from Dolly Lemon is an awesome alternative. With fresh and invigorating notes of peppermint, the cleansing properties of tea tree and moisturising benefit of sweet almond. For more sensitive skin, the Lavendula Sensitive Skin Daily Deodorant is gentle with notes of bergamot, lavender and moisturising sweet almond. To use, simply apply a pea sized amount with a clean finger. Temperature sensitive, place in a steamy shower room to soften or to harden on a hot day, pop on from the fridge.

With love from DollyWith love Dolly Lemon

With Dolly Lemon, none of their skin and body care collection has been compromised in terms of quality, effectiveness and vegan ethics. Whilst some companies are quite good at ‘talking the talk’, Dolly Lemon is a natural, cruelty-free, vegan brand that certainly delivers. We challenge you to try a few over the next few months and let us know which is your favourite. Find out more and follow Dolly Lemon on instagram. 

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