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How to make the 100 days activities to celebrate the first 100 days of school.  These 100th day of school crafts include 100th day crown, 100th day glasses, worksheets, snacks, 100s day printables, school projects, and coloring pages.

100 Days Smarter Lama for Clever Ideas for 100 days of School

Tip Junkie has 1671 Kids crafts and tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more 100th Day of School ideas and patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Happy 100 Days of School

100 Days

100 Days

1.  Tally Mark T-shirt ~ Use the free tally mark pattern, download to your Silhouette, or cut out with scissors and iron on.

2.  One Hundreds T-shirt ~ Using a fabric marker have your child write 100? on a plain t-shirt. {this blog has been removed, but we still love the idea!}

3.  Stars, Sparkles, and Googly Eye T-shirts ~ Bedazzle your t-shirt with rhinestones, googly eyes, sparkles and stars. {looks like the blog is no longer online, but the idea is fab!}

100th Day Activity

4.  100 Day of School Shirt ~ How darling is this shirt with a Jar on it filled with hearts!! {this blog is now private, but you can get the idea!}

5.  Been in 1st Grade 100 Days T-Shirt ~ Decorate a fun t-shirt to commemorate the 100th day of school.

100th Day of School

6.  Button Leaf Tree Tshirt ~ This shirt doesn’t have 100 buttons, you could make the leaves out of anything!  I just adore this idea and think painting thumbprints would be adorable.

7.  Happy 100 Day Google-Eye T-shirt ~ Google eyes on a sweatshirt!  This mom made it 5 years ago for her oldest child.  It is now a passed-down tradition for her other children.

8.  Darling 100th Smilie Faces Shirt ~ This is a quick and easy T-shirt that has simple 100?s written all over it and then turned into smilie faces.

100 School Activities

9.  Draw a picture using 1 0 0 Numbers ~ Such a fun activity for children to create pictures using the number 1 0 0.  They also wrote about what they would do with $100.

100th Day of School

10.  100 Cheerios for the 100th Day ~ Glued 100 Cheerios to a round poster board.

100th Day of School Activity

11.  Fruit Loop Necklace ~ You can also sort the fruit loops by color into 10 different circles and then string them in groups of 10. {this blog is no longer online, but the idea is great!}

12.  One Hundred Days of School Fruit Loop Art ~ A Wall-E picture made out of 100 fruit loops.

100 Days of School Craft Ideas

13.  100th day of school Chinese abacus ~ This Chinese abacus is considered an ancient counting tool.  It was made using a pretty shoe box and stringing fruit loops.  Super easy project your kids will love!

14.  Cake with 100 Candles ~ Celebrate one hundred days of school with this cake of 100 candles.

100th Day of School

15.  100 Day Banner ~ Make a banner for the teacher using scrapbook paper and embellishments.

16.  Licorice & Dinosaur Volcano ~ Smlwoman got seriously creative and made a volcano with licorice ropes for the lava and sticky dinosaurs at the bottom. My boys would go crazy for this one. I’ll have to keep it in mind for next year.

100th Day of School

17.  100 Cup Structure ~ Set out 100 plastic cups and let children design a 100 cup structure.

Activities for the 100th Day of School

18.  Paper Chains ~ Make paper chain links in groups of 10 or make one long paper chain of 100 links.  Mix up the colors for some added fun!

100 Day Activities

100th day of School Activities

19.  100 Day of School Pinwheels ~ This 100 day of school pinwheel poster is so colorful and fun! {this blog in now private, but we still love the idea!}

Day Activities

20.  Pizza with 100 toppings ~ A fun activity to do in the classroom.  They glued 100 pizza toppings on the pizza.

21.  Giant Gumball Machine with 100 Gumballs ~ The children got to glue 100 gumballs onto a gum ball machine.

100th Day of School

22.  100 Penny Letter ~ Jami had a leftover craft letter H and glued 100 pennies to it.  You could also make a picture with the pennies and glue them to a poster board.

23.  Hunting for Kisses ~ A fun twist on hide-and-seek.  The Hershey kisses are numbered and hidden throughout the classroom for the children to find.

100th Day of School Activity

24.  Sand Sensory Art ~ Children can draw the numbers 1 0 0 with crayon, trace with glue and add sand.

100 Day At School

25.  Tree made from 100 pretzels ~ Using pretzels, glue, and poster board have your child or student create their own picture.

100 Year Olds

26. Today and 100 Years Art Activity ~ Kindergarteners did a self-portrait of today and then what they would look like in 100 years.  This would make a great keepsake!

100th Day Activity

27.  Torn Paper Art ~ Make a picture of what you might look like at 100 years old from torn paper.

28. 100 Year Old Paper Crafting Ideas ~ Have your child or student make pictures of what they think they will look like in 100 years.  Use colored craft paper, paper doilies, buttons, cotton balls (hair) and crayons.

100th Day of School

29.  Dress up like you’re 100 Years Old ~ You wont have a difficult time persuading your child to dress-up like they are 100 years old.  It might be as much fun as dressing up for Halloween.

30.  100th Day of School Dress-Up  ~ For the hundredth day of school dress up your kiddo like they are 100 years old. {this blog is no longer online, darn!}

100th Day Activities

31.  Meet Granny Cross ~ Surprise your classroom by sending your 100 year old grandmother or so they think it’s your grandmother.  The post provides awesome tips to dress like a 100 year old lady.

100th Day of School Activities

32.  100 Pieces of Spaghetti ~ Use Crayola Washable Paint to color each piece of uncooked spaghetti.

100th Day Activity

33.  Milk Jug Igloo ~ How cool would it be to build an igloo from 100 empty milk cartons?  You could incorporate an arctic story along with it.

100th Day of School

100s Project Ideas

34.  100th Day of School Photos ~ Make a photo collage in the shape of “100” using photos of your child.  You can download the free basic Shape Collage software at Shapecollage.com.

35.  100 Favorite Photos from 2010 ~ I thought this was a really cool photo op idea for the 100th day of school.

Melted Crayon Canvas Art

36.  Melted Crayon Canvas Art ~  Melted Crayon Canvas art is all the rage right now, but actually finding a tutorial is harder than you might think.  Stephanies tutorial is fabulous and will walk you through each step.

37.  100 Days of School Star Project ~ We had to bring in 100 of something for the 100th day of school.  This quick, easy, and fun project also makes a great gift for the teacher to hang in her classroom.

38.  M&M Apple ~ Trace an outline of any simple image and glue on candy, cereal, or small things like buttons, googly eyes and sequins.

The 100th Days Of School ~ monster

39.  100 Eye Monster ~ Bet your kids wouldn’t mind making a 100 day of school project if it looked like this!  What a great idea to glue 100 craft eyes to the monster!

100th Day of School Activity

40.  Thumb Body is 100 Days Smarter ~ Collect 100 thumb prints from different people.  Make sure you use washable ink and a poster board.

41.  100 Words Page ~ Using wordle you can create your own 100 word page.  Your can choose your own words, font, layout and print it.

100th Day Activity

42.  100th Day of School Song ~ Learn the lyrics to the “100th Day of School Song” by listening to the song.

43.  100 Beads to String ~ A fun way to practice counting to 100.  Have the children string 100 beads on twine.  The finished project will give them a sense of accomplishment for all their hard work at school.

44.  100 Legos ~ Design a picture using your Lego pieces.  Lego lovers will adore this project!

100th Day of School Activity

45.  Jumping to 100 ~ A fun game that practices counting by tens, number recognition with the added perk of getting your kids moving!

100th Day Activity

46.  Bird Seed Heart ~ Make a bird seed heart from peanut butter and 100 seeds.  There’s a cute little Valentine’s day poem to go along with the lesson.

100th Day Crown

100th Day of School Crown

47.  100th Day Printable Crown ~ Children get to color their crown any way they choose.  They can also write numbers 1 thru 100 on the sides.

100th Day of School Hat

48.  100th Day of School Hat ~ Add 100 googly eyes to a foam visor.

49.  Skittles Hat ~ Cynthia glued skittles to a hat for her son to celebrate! {looks like this blog is no longer online, but we love the idea!}

100th Day of School Activities

50.  100th Day Crown ~ Let children create their own hat by putting 100 paper strips on them.  It’s a great way to practice counting.

100th Day Glasses

Glasses for 100th Day

51.  100th Day Glasses {free printable} ~ Use the free printable to let children decorate their glasses and cut them out.

100 Day Printable Glasses

52.  100 Day Printable Glasses ~ Another fun coloring project.  Cut out the picture and the children can wear their glasses on the 100th day of school.

100s Day Printables

100th Day of School Printables

53.  100th Day Gumball Machine {free printable} ~ Print this 12×18 inch gumball machine and have your kids count out and add 100 pom poms as gumballs. Only $2.99 at Costco to print a 12×18 inch photo. Perfect for the 100th day of school project!

54.  100 Year Old Me ~ A writing prompt, “I think that when I am 100 years old”, for children to fill in.  It would be really cool as a writing prompt.

100 Days of School Printables

55.  100 Days of School {free printable} ~ Make fruit loop necklaces for the 100th day of school then package them with a free printable tag!

100th Day Activity

56.  100 Gumball Printable ~ Roll a dice and then stamp that many gumballs onto a gumball machine until you get to ten.  

57.  Free Printable T-shirt Iron On Template ~ Make a cute t-shirt using inkjet T-Shirt Transfers.  You can print the images directly from the link.

100th Day Printable

58.  100th Day Bookmark ~ Pass out free 100th Day bookmarks to commemorate the day.

100 Day Worksheets

100 Day Worksheet

59.  100th Day Worksheet Pack ~ A free worksheet pack for the 100th day of school which includes a 100’s chart, reading prompt, student certificate and a chart to make trail mix.

Four Free Printable Worksheets 100th Day of School

60.  Four Free Printable Worksheets 100th Day of School ~ Copy and print these fun activity worksheets.  The children will love the break from the normal school routine.

61.  100th Day Activity Sheet ~ Four activities on worksheet. Write a number sentence that equals 100.  Hundred word search.  See how many words you can make using the word hundred.

62.  100 Days of School Outfit ~ A free worksheet that kids can write what they would wear for their special 100th day of school outfit and draw a picture of it.

100th Day Worksheets

63.  100 Days of School Unit {16 pages} ~ Sixteen free pages of activities for the 100th day of school.  All you have to do is print them.

 100th Day of School Freebie

64.  100th Day of School Freebie ~ Several printable activities to keep children busy on the 100th day of school.

100th Day of School Worksheet

65.  100 Legos ~ A hands on creative writing worksheet for your child’s 100 piece lego creation.

100th Day Snack

66.  100th Day Snack ~ A complete lunch with a mini whole wheat bagel ham sandwich, a babybell with 100 carved in it, pretzel sticks and yogurt covered pretzel rings, yellow carrot sticks and circles with ranch dressing, apple 0’s and 1’s, and strawberry 0’s and 1’s.

67.  Pinwheels and Apple Sandwiches for a 100 day Lunch ~ What 100th day would be complete without a fun kid-friendly lunch? How about pinwheels made with whole wheat tortillas and apple sandwiches.  Yummy!

100th Day Snackj

68.  100th Day of School Lunch ~ A fun festive lunch in the shape of 1 0 0.  Carrots resemble zeros, sprinkles for one’s, sandwich bites cut out in 1 0 0 and grapes for zeros.

100th Day Snack

69.  Groups of 10 Snack ~ Have children sort 10 groups of 10 snacks onto a chart.  Skittles, fruit loops, cheerios, m&ms, pretzels and marshmallows work great.

100th Day of School Snack

70.  100 Calorie Snack ~ 100 calorie snack packs or 100 calorie yogurt are perfect for the 100th day of school snacks.

100th Day of School Snack

71.  Donut Snack ~ Using Little Debbie’s snacks skewer 1 swiss roll and 2 chocolate donuts for a fun snack that spells 1 0 0.

100th Day Snack

72.  Fishy Cracker 100 Day Snack {free printable} ~ You are “O-fish-ally” 100 days smarter.  Attach this adorable fish tag to a bag of 100 fishy crackers.

73.  100th Day of School Cake ~ How to make a cake in the shape of 100 to celebrate kiddos’ 100th day of school.

100th Day Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

74.  Count to 100 by 10’s ~ A cute booklet that lets students draw 10 dots on 10 different pictures to make 100 dots!

75.  100 Animals Printable Book ~ I went to the zoo and what did I see?  100 animals looking at me.  A fun free printable book for children to color. {it looks like this blog is no longer online.}

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