5 Simple and Easy Scrapbooking Ideas!

Scrapbooking is one of the best ways to keep your favorite memories all together in one place to look at year after year.

We love the creativity and personal touch that goes into scrapbooking, but sometimes it can be hard to take time to complete a few pages, or get your ideas flowing when looking at a blank page.

With that in mind, here are five easy scrapbooking ideas to take you from a basic book to a treasured keepsake in a fraction of the time!

For this post, we are partnering with our friends at Canon USA to show you how you can use the newly updated IVY 2 Mini Photo printer to easily print out all the photos for your scrapbooking project right from the comfort of your own home.

The printer paper actually has a sticker backing, so it’s totally ready to adhere to the page in a flash with no tape or glue needed. This cute printer comes in blush and white and has an upgraded Bluetooth and longer lasting charge so you can keep printing longer!

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easy scrapbooking idea with photos and stickers

Supplies for 5 Simple and Easy Scrapbooking Ideas:

ivy printer printing out easy scrapbooking stickers

What can the IVY 2 Mini Photo printer do?

One of the coolest things about the IVY 2 Mini Photo printer is that it prints onto sticker paper in either a 2″ x 3″ rectangle format or with two 1.3″ wide circle stickers.

You can go into the easy to use app and choose a photo from your camera roll to create a custom sticker photo whenever you want!

The app has options to make collages with several photos or add text/designs on top of your photos as well.

How do I use the custom scrapbook sticker downloads?

For these custom scrapbook stickers, just download the designs onto your phone so they are in your photo library and open the Canon Mini Print app.

Make sure your mini printer is on and connected to the app through Bluetooth. The top right corner of the app home screen will tell you if it’s connected or not. Then click on the icon to connect.

Once connected, choose the scrapbook sticker designs you want from your photo library. Click on the print icon in the left hand corner and watch your custom stickers appear!

easy scrapbooking idea with photos and stickers with a paper frame around the photos

5 Simple and Easy Scrapbooking Ideas!

Make a paper frame for your photo

All you need is a piece of paper and a pair of scissors to make a cute, quick frame to go around the edge of your photo.

Trace the size of your photo onto some paper and cut out the rectangle a little smaller than your photo for the photo window. This makes sure that the edges will be covered by the paper.

Then, make a fun frame with scalloped edges, pointed zig-zag edges, straight edges … whatever you like!

easy scrapbooking idea with photos and stickers with added text

Add some virtual stickers to your photos

Using the Canon Mini Print app, you can easily add fun stickers or text for any occasion that will instantly jazz up your photos. No trip to the craft store necessary!

easy scrapbooking idea with photos and stickers cut into shapes with a punch

Use a shape punch to punch out a photo shape

You can use a punch tool (like these circle punches) to make your photo into a custom shaped size of sticker with just the push of a button.

Whether it’s a circle, star, heart, or whatever shaped punch you have, making the photo into a different shape adds some visual dimension to your scrapbook page.

For a super easy way to make circle stickers, you can also use the ZINK Pre Cut Circle Sticker Pack to instantly print two round stickers per page!

easy scrapbooking idea with photos and stickers

Print a list to customize with your memories

Whether it’s a holiday wishlist from that year or a list of your favorite things from a trip or vacation, making your own personal list is a great way to add a personal handwriting touch. Or, you can fill out the list with text in the Canon Mini Print app.

easy scrapbooking idea with photos and stickers

Print a cute phrase for your page theme

Using a phrase header on your page instantly shows what the theme of that page is. It also helps break up the photos with some text for some page variety.

We made designs you can download to showcase your holiday fun, vacation/trip, or time with your best pals. There are also word stickers and type options in the Canon Mini Print app!

summer scrapbook pages using the ivy sticker photo printer
christmas scrapbook pages using the ivy sticker photo printer

How cute did those pages turn out? Scrapbooking can be an intimidating project, but tips like these make it easy for anyone to create a book of memories.

What’s your favorite way to add to scrapbook pages quickly? xo. Laura

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