13 Floral Hand Embroidery Tutorials – Needle Work

Flowers are such a lovely motif in hand embroidery.  They can be used on their own or incorporated into a larger design.  If you look around the internet you can find so many different pattersn for flowers.  We have rounded up 14 of them for you and best of all they are all free.

Here’s an all-around tutorial that shows you how to embroider flowers by hand.

If you love roses then you will love to learn how to embroider woven roses.

This video shows you how to embroider a simple flower.

A little vintage-inspired floral embroidery makes anyone smile.

Learn a number of different floral stitches in these fun and happy designs.

These new Singing in the Rain Embroidery designs are fantastic! They’re vibrant and great for a variety of tasks! I adore them in these hoops, but they’d also look great in cushions, tiny quilts, or framed.

Embroidered floral wreath patterns like this one are always a favorite.

Learn a myriad of different flowers with this lovely pattern.

Here’s a beautiful tutorial for an ombré hand stitched flower.

Because the stem is intended to be thicker, numerous rows of split back stitch may be required. Simple straight stitches may be used to create the veins in the leaves.

This tutorial shows you how to embroidery some more modern looking flowers.

If you want to learn to embroider flowers onto a pillow, this tutorial will show you how.

Beginner’s Guide to Making an Embroidered Flower Pillow Cover
This embroidered flower cushion is a great way to bring antique charm to any environment, and it is easy and affordable to create!

Here are some lovely hand embroidered poppies that will look beautiful on your next canvas.

Give your friend a bouquet of embroidered flowers.

Gorgeous and easy is how to best describe these lovely flowers.

Straight stitches are exactly what they sound like: straight stitches. It is the most fundamental stitch. You raise your needle in the cloth at one spot, lower it at another, draw your thread through, and voilà! You have a clean stitch.

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